Choir Roles & Responsibilities

MARCH 2024

Chair Carey Buls
Executive Committee
Chair committee meetings
Oversight and ultimate responsibility for the running of the choir
Enable efficient management of choir
Lead spokesperson
Lead liaison with choir and external agencies
Vice Chair Jenna Arnold Executive Committee
Support Chair in sharing out jobs to be done
Chair & Committee
Secretary Shelley Cartwright
Executive Committee
Organise the AGM
Arrange committee agendas in with the Chair
Organise committee and planning meeting venues
Record minutes of Executive Committee meetings
Upload approved minutes to website and notify executive members
Upload choir records to the website
Write letters and deal with correspondence for the Committee
Facilitate the work of the committee
Chair & Committee
Treasurer Helge Kristoffersen
Executive Committee
Oversight and management of the choir's finances
Maintain accounts
Produce examined balance sheet at the AGM
Provide financial information to the Committee
Prepare the annual budget
Make annual return to Charity Commission
Make annual return to Making Music
Collect choir subscriptions
Chair & Committee
Music Director Elizabeth W Scott
Music Selection
Selecting all music for rehearsals and concerts
Securing Executive Committee approval for music purchase expenses
Considering music suggested by choir members via the Music Advisory Committee
Music Use
Liaising with the Royalties & Copyright team to ensure copyright compliance
Approving appropriate sound files and providing resources such as notable performance recordings and pronunciation
Rehearsals & Concerts
Creating choir-based roles and responsibilities for section leadership, and rehearsal support
Creating suitable choir formations for rehearsals and performances
Scheduling choir rehearsals and ensuring that choir members attend rehearsals regularly
Providing the guidance and direction during choir rehearsals to assist choir members in achieving the correct tone, pitch, rhythm, tempo, and harmony
Directing choir members during musical rehearsals and performances to ensure that the desired sound is achieved
Deciding on appropriate musical pieces for the choir to perform based on the venue and occasion
Checking the website to tally numbers in each section prior to rehearsal to plan the session based on voice parts
Providing advance notice to the choir of works to be rehearsed
Managing Choir, Progress & Relationships
Monitoring progress of new singers
Networking with external contacts for the choir
Advising opportunities, suggestions and feedback
Proposing annual music budget and contingencies
Selection of suitable venues for the choir’s work
Developing plans for concert performances, collaboration with other groups and venues, amplification, staging and publicity opportunities
Producing and approving all public-facing information about the Music Director
Chair & Committee
Finance Team
Helge Kristoffersen
Ian Wood
Maintain a detailed record of cash payments and receipts
Maintain procedures for cash payment and membership fees
Maintain a register of choir members and their payments
Collect and regularly bank all cash receipts
Arrange payments for expenditures against approved receipts and invoices
Maintain an approved cash float observing personal limits of authority for petty cash payments
Maintain four authorised bank signatories
Membership Team
Sandra Powel
Maryrose Barlow
Denise Wilson
Welcoming new members and giving them an introductory pack with a welcome letter, new membership application form, current music and a name badge.
Informing new members that they have a 2 week complimentary trial period before they commit to membership
On receipt of membership fees, add new member details to the website and give them a login
Check in with new members to see how they are settling in and if they feel comfortable within their particular voice part. Some may prefer an alternative voice part after a few weeks
Allocating new members to a core choir member in their section to provide support as they settle in
Keep the introductory pack in the office for access by other committee members in case of absence
Put out name badges each week and collect at the end of each session
Do a head count of numbers in each session
Include new members in social coffee after rehearsals
Follow up on any choir member who is unwell or needing support
Remove details of members who have left the choir
Publicity Team Shelley Cartwright
Propose and create brand assets including corporate logo, colours, fonts and relevant styles
Propose and create promotional materials for membership drives, performances and other events
Propose and organise photography content for website and promotional materials
Lead contact HarmonySite website platform provider
Website content population and updates
Facebook and YouTube channels
Management of Google account including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and Google Analytics
Music Files Team
Ian Wood (Learning aids)
Birgit Graefner (Music Librarian)
Christine Lindsay (Royalties & Copyright)
Learning Aids
Create MP3 sound files for all parts and tutti and upload to website
Upload PDF sheet music to website
Upload learning aids such as translation, pronunciation guide, recorded performance and historical background
Music Librarian
Maintain master copies of the choir’s sheet music collection, together with digital copies as a backup
Provide additional printed copies of required music at rehearsals for new members and those members without access to website
Maintain a log of the number of sheets printed for reimbursement
Royalties & Copyright
Advise on and secure usage conditions for any music requiring performing fees
Advise the committee of any fees for music used by choir (performance and copies) and secure payments through Treasurer
Investigate copyright and performing conditions for music and advise outcome to Committee
Committee & Music Director
Music Advisory Committee
Shirl Moffat
Doreen Perkins
Ray Wright
Consider repertoire suggestions made by Members and Committee and advise the Music Director
Propose new and old repertoire to the Music Director
Respond to every suggestion received
Keep record of all musical suggestions
Seek advice regarding royalties
Events & Operations Team
Nerida Harrison
Ray Wright
Ensuring logistics of rehearsals to make sure the Music Director has access to podium or stand and keyboard
Ensuring logistics of performances, coordinating with third-party presenters as necessary
Coordinating extra rehearsal space rental
Coordinating member event logistics
Music Director