Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for considering joining VERVE Harmony!

Our choir is like a big, welcoming musical family, and if you have a passion for singing and a heart full of love for music, you're already a perfect fit for us!

We don't require an audition. Everyone has the potential to create beautiful music with the right guidance, training, and a supportive community. We're thrilled about the opportunity for our Music Director to get to know your voice better, ensuring we can find the perfect spot for you within the group.

Our choir is about more than singing; it's about feeding your soul with the joy of music. We love the warmth of harmonious voices coming together, all in the spirit of fun and unity.

VERVE Harmony relies on the kindness and enthusiasm of its members to make our concerts and events a reality. If you're eager to lend a hand, we'd love to have you on board!

Don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to welcome you and happy to answer all your questions. Let's make music and memories together.

Email us at verveharmony@gmail.com and register your interest today.

Resources for Members

We use the HarmonySite platform for our choir communications, music PDFs, learning sound files, pronunciation tips, calendar dates and attendance confirmations/apologies. We'll teach you how to use this intuitive platform.

Fees and What they Include

A weekly fee of $12/singer ($120 for each 10-week term) is payable in advance. This covers the Director’s fee, choir website and HarmonySite software, hall hire, music licensing and copying, and administration.

New singers’ first two visits are free, while you see if we are a good fit for your skill and interest.

Email us or call Carey today on 0421 012 918 to join our choir.